Release it.


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“You can give me that rose, It would hurt you.”

“Uh. No, It’s okay. I love this rose. It’s beautiful”

I was holding too tight to that rose, it was beautiful, easy to fall for.
It has red petals that comfort me deep within my soul. Those bright red petals were attractive. They were kissable.

But days later, those bright red petals were gradually fading to brown. Slowly they were perishing. I kept on holding it. I kept on believing that this rose is still alluring. He keeps on asking me to give Him that rose. But I kept on rejecting Him.

I tried to conceal everything and pretend that everything is still good. That I am delighted with this rose. But I was tired. Very much tired. Physically, the thorns were hurting me, but I kept hiding it from Him. Emotionally, I was in pain. I feel empty.  I kept on holding to this rose believing that it would bloom again like when I first saw it. I kept on believing that this rose was what I am looking for. That this rose would forever satisfy my soul. But I was wrong.

The rose I am holding didn’t last.  The colors of petals were temporary. They all perished. Only the stem full of thorns were left in my hands. Those thorns that damaged me, Those thorns that I have to let go.


He asked me to give Him that rose and He promised me to replace it with something that will not perish.

I cried and asked Him
“Are you still waiting for me? I disobeyed you. I deserve this pain..”

“Yes. I am waiting for you and will always wait for you. I keep track of all your sorrow,  I have collected all your tears in my bottle. I have recorded each one in My book.  I was waiting for you to release that rose from your hands so I could heal you,” He said

And I released it and handed it to Him.

Psalm 56:8


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