Lover of my soul


I was a sinner who loves to blame
I was a wretch full of shame
Surrounded by unending chains
Finding ways to escape the pain

Grieving was only the choice
Kept rejecting Your gentle voice
I was lost and nowhere to be found
You speak and said “My grace will abound”

I Kept on running away from You
But Your love chased me to pursue
I was blinded by the world’s sweet lies
You called me and opened my eyes

Waited for me ’til I answer the call
You embraced my lonely thirsty soul
Drowned in the depths of Your love
Cannot escape the overflowing grace from above

You died on the cross for me to soar
You remembered my sins no more
You paid for me with Your precious blood
You poured Your spirit rushing like a flood

You wiped my tears from the past
You are the void in my longing heart
You are the One who cures
I am redeemed and forever Yours.


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