Lover of my soul

  I was a sinner who loves to blame I was a wretch full of shame Surrounded by unending chains Finding ways to escape the pain Grieving was only the choice Kept rejecting Your gentle voice I was lost and nowhere to be found You speak and said “My grace will abound” I Kept on running […]

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Street lights, tall buildings, busy road I was left alone staring into space Everything happened so sudden, tears flowed You were like a wind, I never should’ve chased Brilliant colors turned into blue Why did we play with our emotions? I thought everything was true Settled for a drop of love from the ocean All […]

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I used to love rain

I used to love a rainy night The comforting breeze makes me sleep tight But now, it doesn’t feel right There are things I can’t get out of my sight. Those people who are sleeping on streets, I wonder if right now they have something to eat Cold night, heavy rain, how could they beat? […]

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Panahon na.

Ayoko ng sumabay sa agos ng buhay Gusto ko ng pagbabago Gusto ko na lumaban ipaglaban at matutong lumaban ng tama matutong idaan sa tama Dahil sa malalim na rason Masaya ka na ba kung nasaan ka? Paano kung marami ka pa palang magagawa ngunit natatakot ka natatakot ka sa kung ano sasabihin sayo natatakot […]

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Paulit ulit.

Paulit ulit na akong nasaktan Paulit ulit na umasang may babalikan Gusto ng limutin ang nakaraan Kung saan saan hinanap ang paraan Napagod na akong maniwala sa salitang pagasa Bakit puso lagi na lang nagdudusa Ayoko ng umibig pang muli Sapagkat lagi na lang nagkakamali Nasaan ba ang tunay na kaligayahan Tila puso ay nawalan […]

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Release it.

  “You can give me that rose, It would hurt you.” “Uh. No, It’s okay. I love this rose. It’s beautiful” I was holding too tight to that rose, it was beautiful, easy to fall for. It has red petals that comfort me deep within my soul. Those bright red petals were attractive. They were […]

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